Experience, reliability, and quality are built into every project we finish. Our professional team of carpenters, painters, tilers, and other skilled craftsmen are dedicated to deliver these principles to new home construction, renovation, or many of the other award-winning services we offer. We call this Building Excellence.



Jon Ching

My love for renovation and construction began back when

I was a child growing up in Saratoga Springs, NY. I always loved building things and bringing out the potential of neglected and under-utilized spaces. In the beginning, my attention was solely focused on my parents’ house, but that

self-taught education lead to the success of my first landscaping company and the expansion of my team and services. And now, years later with J2 Design & Build, I get to do what I love,

and my clients get to enjoy the beautiful homes they’ve always envisioned.

darrow mansfield projct design general contractor saratoga springs ny

Darrow Mansfield

Darrow Mansfield is an expert in project design and facilitation and has worked on

a wide range of residential and commercial projects where a keen sense of timing and knowledge of the regulatory review and construction process is key. As a veteran of the planning and development process, Darrow is an award-winning General Contractor with a track record of successful construction projects throughout New York & the Northeast.

henry team photo general contractors saratoga springs ny

Henry Fabre

Henry is an administrative consultant with expertise in construction, legal affairs

and business development.

He has a BA and a BS from our local Skidmore College in

Business and Economics and hails from all over the planet with an eclectic and diverse

background from South America, the Caribbean

and Europe.

mike woodward project management general contractors saratoga springs ny

Mike Woodward

Mike Woodward is the J2 multitalented marvel based on his lead project management skills. Mike is a thoroughbred leader in all things construction from his training from a young age. He has extensive experience with various acclaimed builders in Saratoga and has graduated into management at J2 for his comprehensive knowledge.